Семинар 14.12.2016

Автор: Эдуард Быков.

seminars-picУважаемые студенты и преподаватели кафедры!

14 декабря (среда) в 18:00 состоится регулярный семинар кафедры. Тема:

exTAS - a neutron three axis spectrometer optimized for small samples and extreme conditions

Докладчик: Dr. Jiri Kulda (Иржи Кулда), Institut Laue Langevin, Grenoble, France.

Место проведения: НИИ Физики, корпус «И», 1 этаж помещения профиля НСФ кафедры ЯФМИ, Лекционный Холл.

The progress in neutron delivery systems and in neutron focusing techniques has made possible neutron studies of excitations in sub-cm3-sized single crystals, which are still much larger than crystal sizes needed for standard laboratory characterization techniques. In an effort to bridge this gap we are proposing the exTAS project, which intends to stimulate a paradigm shift towards the use of mm3-sized amples in neutron spectroscopy. The exTAS project aims to boost the TAS sensitivity limits by combining sharp mm-sized focal spots, minimizing penumbra effects in sample environment illumination, with a spectrometer layout downscaled to a tabletop size and enclosed in a shielding casemate. The reduced spectrometer dimensions will provide enhanced flexibility in adapting the Q-resolution to the problem being studied and will facilitate the sub-millimeter positioning accuracy of its components, matching the reduced focal spot size. The exTAS has been part of the initial project list of the ILL Endurance instrumentation program.
[1] A. Piovano, S. Roux, J. Kulda, J. Phys. Conf. Series 528 (2014) 012027

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